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Flexibility designed for the new world of property

1. Featured listings

Find a handful of unique properties when searching your selected locations.

2. In-line features

Listings are accompanied by an overview of detailed features, the neighbourhood and more.

3. Map searching

Available properties in an area can be marked to a specfic amenity or destination.

A simpler and more inspiring way to discover an area

4. The neighbourhood

Learn insights into more about an area and what makes it special.

5. What locals say

Metrics celebrate everything from
living in an area to things enjoyed

6. Local attractions

Find the available things to do
and experiences in the neighbourhood.

Easier ways to discover – from Things to do to Experiences

7. Things to do

Find the most popular businesses, attractions and events around you.

8. Fitting reviews

View a spectrum – from critiques to compliments – to help you decide the right place for you.

9. All-time favourites

Listing details highlight what makes each business and their establishment unique.

10. Experiences

Find to discover a range of Experiences hosted by a community of businesses.

11. What you’ll do

Learn more about what the experience has to offer and what you can expect from it.

12. Booking requests

Simpler than ever for you and your friends to claim their seats to group Experiences.

Gathering the necessary support from your community

13. A community focus

A support forum dedicated to the sharing andlearning of information between members of the Abodda community.

14. Explore catergories

Browse a library of valuable articles and media to inspire new and existing members.

15. Featured discussions

Relevant discussions to support members with any questions they may have.

Share your world as a Local Guide

Local guides help people discover new places by sharing local knowledge and experiences.

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How many corresponding branches or businesses does the agency or company occupy?

Location &

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Whats your business contact details?
What’s the estate agencies or companies email?
What’s the estate agencies or companies contact number?
Where’s your head office located?
e.g. 20 Bath street
e.g. The Barkeley house
e.g. London
e.g. Greater London
e.g. SW1P 3PA

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Additional information
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